Sunday, July 28, 2013

Louis Vuitton: The Class

I LOVED teaching a teen class!  This was my first time painting with kids over the age of 10 and it was so much fun!  The girls all were very talented, patient, and just had such sweet personalities!

You can see how cute their bags turned out.  We did all the backgrounds first and then added all of the details on top.  The little Louis Vuitton logos on the bag were definitely the hardest part!

I know their artwork turned out adorable, but look how cut these girls are, too!  I love their style...the buns, scarves, skinny jeans, and monogrammed tees.  These girls have got it going on!  Let me just tell you, they were every bit as sweet and polite and they are cute.

I am already planning a new teen class.  Stay tuned!

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